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Setubal offers unique boating conditions, during the vast majority of months of the year. Renting a boat at Boat Koncept in Setúbal allows you to enjoy the sea coast as well as stunning beaches and landscapes. 

Setúbal Bay and all the surrounding areas such as the Sado Estuary, Tróia and the Professor Luiz Saldanha Natural Park, are areas of rare landscaping beauty, easy to navigate (Navigate the Sado), with great beaches, only accessible from the sea. 

Boat Koncept offers you the possibility to rent boats with or without crew, different pleasure boats with capacity up to 8 people, allowing you to enjoy total autonomy and independence – the choice is yours.

Renting a boat without skipper is accessible over 18 years old with European navigator license. We have at your disposal a variety of boats with engines from 40hp to 150hp.

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