Nikka - Boat Koncept
From 260 €
Capacity 12 People


Suzuki 150HP
Fuel not included
200 Lts Tank
Coast VHF Radio

Fantastic RIB from the well-known Italian manufacturer BWA, spacious and versatile, excellent for a family day out.

Capacity – 12 people.

Equipped with a powerful – brand new Suzuki 150 hp 4-stroke engine. 200 Lts fuel tank.

It has a navigation limit of 3 miles from the arbour and a minimum qualification of Local Skipper and radio operator.

Boarding spots are Doca das Fontainhas (Ferry Setúbal /Troia), and Doca dos Pescadores (Setúbal).

All civil liability insurance for vessel and occupants included.

Mandatory cash deposit in the amount of € 300 (returned at the end of the rental).

Opcional Skipper 70€
Security deposit: 250€
Fuel not included
Opcional Skipper 70€
Security deposit: 250€
Fuel not included
Optional Skipper 130€
Security deposit: 250€
Fuel not included
Opcional Skipper 130€
Security deposit: 250€
Fuel not included
09:30h - 13:30h
14:00h - 18:00h
Full day
10:00h - 18:00h
General Specifications
Lenght 6.20mts
Capacity 8 people
Engine Power 175HP
Minimun Licence Carta Patrão de Costa
Skipper Optional
Brand Suzuki
Fuel Gasoline
Power 175HP
Lenght 6.20mts
Beam 2.4 mts
Weight 1.200kg
Cruise 15 knots
Max speed 38 knots
Tank 100Lts
Type Gasoline
Range 75 miles*

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What kind of boats do you rent?

We rent new or very recent boats, with or without skipper. The length ranges from 5.0m to 6.5m and can be semi-cab or open bow. Maximum capacity for 6 to 8 people and minimum of 2. Engines from 40HP to 175HP power, quite easy to maneuver

Under what conditions is the boat delivered?

Our boats are delivered in perfect working conditions, conservation and cleaning, suitable for navigation and equipped with all the necessary equipment and indispensable for its proper functioning. 

Maximum capacity - Do children count?

Yes, children count as occupants. There must be extra care, ensuring that children on board, always have the vest dressed. We have child vests of various sizes, please inform us in advance of their age.  

Is there a minimum age to board?

Safety is our priority, we recommend the boarding of children from 2 years old on, always conditioned to the assessment of weather and sea conditions, by the responsible person on board. 

What is the minimum number of people on board?

Safety is our priority, is mandatory at least 2 people.

Is the boat insured?

Yes, all our boats are covered by a personal accident and liability insurance policy. Any boat legally registered for maritime tourism activity has insurance coverage. You can always consult the documentation before boarding. 

In an emergency, how should I proceed?

Safety is our priority. An instruction guide is available to help you in case of an emergency. This guide is attached to the boat documentation. 

In case of malfunction what to do?

In the event of a malfunction you should contact Boat Koncept immediately so that it can be assisted remotely or in person. 

Where can I sail?

Before boarding we explain in detail the features of the boat as well as the navigation zones. For help, you receive a nautical chart from the area. 

Is there any kind of inspection of this rescue equipment?

Yes, all our boats are subject to annual inspection by the National Maritime Authority. 

What rescue means are on board?

All boats are equipped with: 150N Lifejackets according to capacity, very-lights, chemical extinguisher, hand pumps, first aid kit, mooring and towing cables, lifebuoy, horn, pocketknife floating, flashlight with spare batteries. Depending on the type of registrations you can add: Fume pots, parachute signals, VHF radio. 

What are the conditions of boarding?

This operation is always carried out in a proper pier and with safe conditions. 

Does the delivery and collection of the boat in Tróia or Sesimbra have an added cost?

Yes, there is an additional charge depending on the place of boardingTróia – to cover skipper travel costs and departure / arrival costs charged by the marina; Sesimbra skipper and fuel travel costs. In case of Setúbal no additional cost are charged. 

Where is the boarding spot?

The place of boarding is at Pier 2 of the outer jetty of the fishermen’s dock in Setúbal. However, upon prior request for availability, the same can be done in Tróia or Sesimbra. 

If the boat is returned without full fuel tank?

You will have to pay the missing fuel, as well as a € 50.00 charge for the refiling service. 

Where can I get fuel?

Boats are rented with full deposit and must be returned equally. The supply can be made at the Tróia marina in Setúbal, or at the harbour in Sesimbra. 

Is fuel included?

 Fuel is only included on private tours. In boat rental with and without skipper the fuel is not included. 

What is the value of the deposit and how does it work?

The amount of the deposit varies depending on the type of boat. Only applicable if the rental is made without skipper. It can be consulted on the page of each boat at If the use of the deposit is not required, it will be returned in its entirety after boat check-up. 

If the damage caused exceeds the value of the deposit?

In situations where the payments to be made to the Renter are higher than the deposit amount, the insurance will be triggered by the difference. 

Why a deposit?

The deposit, which varies according to the type of boat rented, is only applicable if the rental is made without skipper. It is intended to ensure the payment of any damage arising from misuse or neglect, breach of contract, equipment loss or loss, lack of fuel replacement or delays in delivery of the vessel. 

Can I fish?

Yes, fishing is allowed on board. We draw your attention to the need for each fisherman to be in possession of a fishing license valid for that day. This license may be obtained from any ATM. You should also be aware of the areas allowed for fishing. 

Can I tow skis, floats or boards?

Yes, if the boat is prepared for this purpose; During water skiing or similar activities, where the rider is towed, towing boats must, for safety purposes, have at least two crew members on board; The use of a life jacket or appropriate floating aids is required by towed waterskiers or similar activities. (Art. 46 DL 93/2018 of 13 Nov) 

Can I board on the beaches?

During the summer season and on the concession beaches, navigation is prohibited in the water plane associated with the beach, up to a distance of 300 m from the water’s edge, intended exclusively for bathing and swimming; Navigation is restricted to beach access corridors, where navigation is only allowed at slow and sufficient speed for the governance of the boat, and the route is always perpendicular to the coast line; In the other maritime beaches the navigation is free, being allowed to navigate, to anchor and to practice nautical sports. (Art. 45 Dec. Law 93/2018 of 13 Nov) 

What is the rental time?

Hours vary according to time of year and rental period – Half Day or Full Day. Please see updated information on our website 

What is the difference between private boat tour and rental with skipper?

Private tours, these are experiences with predefined itinerary and average duration of 3 hours, the fuel is included. Rental with skipper, there is freedom of choice of activities and itinerary by the customer, as well as rental period up to 8 hours, not including fuel. In both cases there is no deposit settlement. 

What are the cancellation conditions?

In case of cancellation of the reservation up to 3 days before the scheduled departure, you are entitled to a refund of 100% of the amount already paid. In case of cancellation less than 3 days before departure, you are entitled to a refund of 50% of the amount already paid. In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before departure you will not be entitled to a refund of any amounts. 

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