Boat Tours (Private)

Boat Tour By Sétubal, Tróia and Arrábida Beaches
3 Hours
Exotic And Wild Beaches
From 200 €
Boat Tour From Setúbal to Sesimbra
3 Hours
Ribeiro Do Cavalo Beach
From 220 €
Boat Tour To
Alcácer do Sal
4 Hours
From 260 €

Pass through the existing beaches of Arrábida – Galapos, Galapinhos, Alportuche, among others. Stone of Anicha and Lapa of Santa Margarida. Next to Sesimbra, the famous Ribeiro do Cavalo Beach and Baleeira Beach are must-see destinations for good diving in calm and crystal clear waters.

With luck it is possible to sight along the Arrábida coast, resident population of bottle-nose dolphins (tursiops truncatos). Under normal circumstances, Dolphin Watching is well succeeded, however nothing and no one can guarantee the absolute certainty of seeing them, even though we know we are talking about a resident community. Book Now