It all starts as a child. How many of us did not enthusiastically watch Cousteau’s documentaries? Promptly, the table was turned into a boat, the floor undersea… there is no limit to the imagination. 

Time goes by, but the passion and enthusiasm for the sea grows. This is followed by hundreds of dives in the most diverse destinations, work in dive operators, skipper services, diverse training in the area of ​​diving and recreational boating. 

In 2017 a new project is born – BOAT KONCEPT. Initially dedicated to the maintenance and boats repair, today dedicated exclusively to nautical tourism – We rent boats with and without skipper. 

We want to bring the Man closer to the Sea. We believe we can contribute by having a wide range of affordable rental boats; promoting private boat tours through idyllic places, spreading the natural beauty of our country; respecting and actively contributing to the sustainability of our Sea and our Planet. 


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Pedro Cano